vitraj u modernom stilu
Vitraj modernog dizajna rezidencija Kralj
Pregled vitraja i kontrola oštećenja
Vitraj sa kombinacijom fuzije stakla
vitraj sa dvije crvene ruže
Vitraj za poseban ambijent
vitraj spreman za isporuku
Abstract - vitraj neobičnih nijansi i kolorita
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Welcome to which features our work here at Craft d.o.o.

The Croatian word “vitraj” is often used to describe stained glass windows, therefor it is the name of our website. But we do more than that.

While we started out with doing classic stained glass design and restoration work we have evolved to creating custom design pieces for both private clients and corporate businesses. We also create interior design pieces such as unique lighting fixtures, sculptures and terrariums.

Most recently we have started sandblasting again using the latest technology in the industry. For this we have partnered up with Harke Imaging and we are the sole distributor of their state of the art products in all of former Yugoslavia (Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Serbia and Montenegro). 

We have over 20 years of experience in working with glass. It’s our passion. Now we look forward to working with you.