Stained glass done well is timeless and elegant. The key is in having years of experience, curiosity and passion, and an eye for detail every step of the way. From custom design to carefully chosen types of glass (whether colored or clear, textured or smooth, antiqued, mouth blown or kiln blasted) to taking the time to soldering properly and then treating it to give it the aged look it should have, it’s a process that takes experience and knowledge.

Classical or traditional stained glass is very suitable for luxury villas, business premises, hotel residences and halls as well as other spaces adding a discreet minimalist, yet refined style to the room.

By installing our classic design stained glass windows you will increase the value and overall look of your real estate. Let this particular artistic addition emphasize part of your personality.

Classic design

vitraj rezidencije Hooper's eksterijer
ulazna vrata vitraj
ulazna vrata sa vitrajem u klasičnoj izvedbi
prozor vitraj kupaonice klasičnog ili tradicionalnog dizajna
vitraj klasične izvedbe sa dvije crvene ruže
vitraj klasika plavi sa uzorkom od tri cvijeta
vitraj paneli interijer
prozor vitraj kupaonice u klasičnom ili tradicionalnom stilu
klasicni prozorski vitraj ugrađen u kupaonici ili kupatilu
kupaonica kupatilo sa klasicnim ili tradicionalnim vitrajima
klasicni vitraj božica plodnosti
vitraj vrlo karakterističnih boja
klasični srednjevijekovni stil vitraja
klasični srednjevijekovni stil vitraja
Srednjevijekovni stil vitraja
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Modern design

The design features of a modern design are a combination of lead profiles with glasses of warmer or colder colors depending on the atmosphere we want to emphasize within the ambiance.

Whether it is a case where we want to hide the views of neighboring buildings or emphasize something like your own art stamp, modern design will be a great choice!

vitraj u modernom stilu
vitraj na vratima od kupaonice natural
vrata vitraj u modernoj izvedbi
moderan dizajn vitraja motiv stablo hrasta
vitraj vrata sa orijentalnim motivom
vitraj modernog dizajna sa motivom lova na patke
vitraj modernog dizajna sa umjetnim svijetlom
moderna kupaonica i moderni vitraji
Vitraj modernog dizajna
detalj vitraja modernog dizajna
vitraj modernog dizajna krupni plan na ulaznim vratima
vrata vitraj sa motivom japanske trešnje u cvatu
vitraj moderni sa motivom japanske trešnje u cvatu
vitraj okrugli modernog dizajna sa motivom akvarijuma
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