Terra Vetro Terrariums
Quality handcrafted stained glass terrariums with the unique option of sandblasting a message or a detailed image into the glass. Elegant design with a personal touch.

Expanding on our knowledge and expertise with stained glass, we would like to introduce our Terra Vetro terrariums. We use of high quality glass (Schott Artist) and the Tiffany Technique to create beautiful waterproof terrariums perfect for your decor.

What makes our terrariums even more unique is the added feature we offer: we can sandblast a personalized message or a detailed photo into the glass itself. Whether it’s a wedding date, a picture of a loved one, a corporate logo, an inspirational quote, the options are endless on how to customize the terrarium of your choice.

The Orchid

This is our pride and joy, roughly 45 cm tall, with the option of adding a door. It’s waterproof and made out of quality Schott Artist glass. This terrarium creates the perfect growing conditions for your orchid.

The Pentagon

The Pentagon has the added option of a hook on the top to transform it from a standing to a hanging terrarium.

The Wall Pentagon

With its flat backside this is the wall hanging version of the original Pentagon. No need for a shelf.

The Pyramid

This simple design can stand on its or we can add a hook to create a hanging terrarium.

The Diamond Hanger

As the name suggests this terrarium is meant to hang. It has 3 open sides for vines to grow out of, as they grow it becomes a sight to behold.

The Hexagon

This terrarium is has a hexagon shaped bottom, hence the name. It can stand on its own, but we can attach a hook for hanging. It comes with either 1 opening or 3 if you wish to use it as a terrarium for vines.